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Uninstall Plus 4.1 is a program to uninstall unwanted programs
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Uninstall Plus 4.1 is a program to uninstall unwanted programs. The program is also able to remove all the information associated with the unwanted applications in your system securely, clean your computer of temporary files that clutters your hard drive and repair the registry. You can remove programs using the program´s interface, or directly right-clicking over the program´s shortcut in the desktop, and choosing the "Uninstall/Delete with Uninstall Plus" option. This will trigger the program interface, and will guide you through the steps to uninstall the chosen program. Uninstall Plus will then launch the uninstall program associated with that application, if any, and will uninstall the application the normal way. After doing that, UP will look for remaining files and folders associated with the application to remove them. That´s something that most uninstall programs don´t do, or that they do only after rebooting. If the program fails to remove something, it offers you the possibility to remove it manually. This program will also allow you to install new programs, clean the computer from unwanted files, or completely wipe out files and folders.

Daniel Ángel Romero
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  • It´s a powerful tool to get rid of all the unwanted programs and files in your system


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